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Sex-shop, секс интим-товары, игрушки для секса, интим-шоп Киевский секс-шоп Sex-shop в Киеве ixi.kiev.ua
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SHOPS.IXI.UA - Каталог Интернет-магазинов нового поколения!

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Наталія: why Jana the University to register?
→ Hello, please specify the error when you try registering?

Світлана : Payment made , confirmation did not come, the money was written off, I would like to know if we were? Hotels and to see again the images that have ordered , when you try to view an image of letter order is rejected at bdsm website...... when you try to follow the link if you have any questions same....................

Anonym: Hello, has repeatedly made the purchase, the quality is pretty nice feast reversionary bonuses and a discount card. A special thank you for the prompt delivery.

Марія : Hello , and tell me tovor send confidential ? That is, the mail delivery is not specified that it is seen this product ?
→ The present contents of the package is not specified when sending.

Володимир: Good afternoon. Do you have a branch in Lviv?
→ Hello, the goods are delivered to all regions.

Віталій: Good afternoon wanted to know Sy sent my order 104457
→ Hello, are unable to contact You for order confirmation.

Сергій: Paid by 17 December 2017. Application No. 103141 24 December I received SMS that the item is shipped. And thats all. where is he when will come no more information. What to do?
→ Hello, the tracking number RD021208655UA

Ольга: all fast and great quality! thanks for the help with the choice!

Сергій: Specify the exact cost of the order in terms of the hryvnia,because when you pay through the savings Bank they get a different amount than on the website.
→ Payment via Sberbankovsky: 1. After you log in to Sberbank Online on the panel on Pay, select Yandex.Money.В» 2. Select the card with which You will recharge 3. Specify our account number Yandex.Money 41001115368085 and the amount 3675 RUB

Марія: Thank you very much! Order received, excellent quality!

Артем: Good evening. Please tell me: discount on sex dolls with IXI48424 article connected with damage, shortages? It is new or a floor model? Product interested... please Send more detailed pictures of this product, including intimate areas. Thank you
→ Hello, this position was at the two-day exposition, as at 5 of 5, there is minor damage on the heels, not return to use was. Detailed video about this doll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2lBO4e4Ito

Анна: when ordering 101638 will be sent?

Анастасія : Good evening , the product came . All like in the picture ,thank you ! Please tell me ,and how much was supposed to get delivery ? And that is something too much out. And You sent a discount card , as the next time to use it ?
→ Hello, in the case of cod, the transport company will charge an additional fee for sending money, at the rate of 2%. The loyalty card number must be entered in a special field on the checkout page, entering contact information.

Аліна: all came up, I liked it!

М: I bought the tail IXI40382. No problems with delivery, goods identical pictures. The strength has not yet been tested.

Анатолій: As always, everything at the highest level! The product quality is just super. Ordered many things, from condoms to sex swing. Buy today, tomorrow have already received in the mail. For those who dont want to pay for shipping, make a full prepayment, the seller conscientious! In General advise. Thank You for the good work. Special thanks from the wife)

Anonym: Thank you for the prompt delivery. Not very clear with the bonuses, on the phone the Text came that the bonus credited in your account bonus not visible.
→ Attached Your order to the new account.

Толян: My wife and I bought a toy, lunch was ordered, the next morning, the parcel was taken to the office near the house. Information on the status of the order comes immediately to e-mails and on mobile. __A huge thank you!__The goods completely correspond to the description, we are very happy. Especially the wife)

Анатолій: I want to Express special thanks to the managers of this website, people are really in place.__Ordered a swing set with a discount of -50%, the price really is two times lower than competitors. The order was processed very quickly, in half an hour contacted, confirmed the order and the next morning it was on my post office. The product surpassed all my expectations. High quality product, well equipped with all necessary fasteners.__In General, I recommend!

Натал: Skazhyte please how can I return their bonuses on the website cannot be seen charges?
→ This orders You placed not after logging in.

Наташа: Thank you! The suit came quickly. Husband happy)))

Tostanoski Володимир: The order was received. Thank you for the good work.

Оксана: Thank you.____Leggings are of good quality and size fit.

Сергій: Put store 5 out of 5

Лорик: Very pleased with the store for the first time so clearly and worked quickly. Thank you, I will become a regular customer